Vegetable Picking

There are many ways to support us

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We have three main ways of supporting our projects at present.

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Aviva Voting

Please register on the Aviva website and use your 10 votes to support our NaturAlly KIDS project. It costs you nothing to vote, but it will make a massive difference for us! So please  get all your family and friends to do the same!! Voting starts on 24th October and closes on 21st November - your 10 votes can make a MASSIVE difference!!


 Crowd Funder

We are running a Crowdfunder campaign, where you can support us by booking accommodation on our campsite, sponsor a hen or a duck, buy treatments, or pledge towards the cost of purchasing some of the facilities and equipment we need on our field. Any little help you can give u will be amazing and kindly appreciated!

Community Garden


Volunteers at Ty Enfys Eco-Retreat often feel like they’re part of something important and bigger than themselves. They get to experience the magic of our Permaculture Garden by putting their heart and soul into a project that impacts an entire community. If you want to personally make a difference, whether you are a fundraiser, a keen gardener, a therapist, a childminder, or someone who simply would like to donate some spare time, we always welcome a helping hand!