Our Projects


Our Permaculture Garden

We will work with the local community, other foster families and young people to create a permaculture plot, a fruit orchard, a medicinal herb garden, and a poly tunnel for all-year-round crops. There will also be a coup for rescued ex-battery hens, a small pond for ducks, and a few billy goats to help keeping some of the grass down, creating manure and top soil, and produce eggs for the farm. We will also produce a fermented tea drink infused with medicinal herbs for visitors to purchase. The produce from the land will be used on the farm as well as sold to help us sustain the projects and courses that we are planning to deliver.


Our Eco-Retreat

There will be one central hub building with communal space, therapy rooms, and a kitchen/cafe for cookery courses and to provide food and refreshments to customers, visitors and volunteers. The eco-retreat will include year-round activities and classes: youth summer camps, farm to school programming, Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) and more programs to provide an ongoing educational experience that includes all ages. The retreat will also offer complementary therapies and holistic long weekends providing customers with the opportunity to experience meditation, spiritual awakening, vegan/raw cooking, and detox techniques. The retreat will be a meeting space for other course providers and community groups too, delivering extra income for the farm.

Vegetable Picking

Our NaturAlly KIDS project

NaturAlly KIDS is a project that aims to educate foster children and families about permaculture, sustainability, healthy eating, cooking, and environmentally-friendly living. The project will be working with volunteers to set up and deliver courses for foster families as well as the general public who might want to support this project.


Our family home - Ty Enfys

We will build a straw bale house for our family which will feature a turf-roof planted with a rainbow of local wildflowers to create a natural habitat for pollinators and other wildlife. The house will be a necessity for our family, but nevertheless it will have as little impact on our field as possible and test out lots of sustainable building techniques and renewable energy. Our house will also be used for tours to teach visitors how full-time sustainable green living works.

Ourganics 6-2.jpg

Our Courses

Ty Enfys Eco-Retreat will run courses to teach young people, schools, communities, visitors and customers about living in harmony with nature, including: eco-friendly building courses, naturopathic nutrition, foraging and herbalism courses, natural cooking courses, natural remedies and beauty products classes, children nature camps, and horticulture and permaculture courses.


Our Campsite

Ty Enfys Eco-Retreat will offer a small area for people visiting the retreat and for volunteers to camp in an environmentally-friendly way. The campsite area will have very basic facilities, with a composting toilet, and cold water only. As the project develops we will install solar-panel heated water. The small campsite will operate strict guidelines about environmentally-friendly products, recycling, and strive to help customers lower their carbon footprint whilst visiting the retreat.

Community Garden

Our Volunteering Community

We will be offering free courses for schools and children about healthy living and healthy eating. We will provide educational projects and activities for children to try out natural building, cooking, and craft techniques. We will also be providing opportunities for adults to volunteer on the project on a regular basis on our straw bale building, our permaculture garden and in all other projects that we run.

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