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Our Projects


Our Communal Allottment and Forest Garden

We have recently been awarded funding from the National Lottery Community Fund to develop a community allotment and forest garden. The aim of this community led project is to create an eco-safe haven where families and disadvantaged children can learn how to grow their own food whilst producing no waste. 

At this stage of the project we have dug two ponds, secured 500 trees for planting in late autumn and are in the process of buying a compost toilet, community hub / shed and 20 ft Polytunnel.  Throughout the spring we will be building a water/irrigation system, nursery planting and developing the community allotment so that later in the spring we can plan on starting the first workshops and retreats. During later summer / early autumn we will be selling the produce grown on the land by holding our first produce market.


Our Community Space
and Eco-retreats

A sustainable communal space will be developed that will align to the principles of being in an area of outstanding natural beauty that will allow community leads, eco-warriors and providers of alternative therapies to run workshops, events and healing retreats.  The space will include an area to run events, a space for therapists to treat their clients and a kitchen / café area for cookery courses whilst also being available to provide food and refreshments to customers, visitors and volunteers.
The community space will include year-round activities and classes such as youth summer camps, farm to school programming, Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) and other community lead sustainable programs that will provide an ongoing educational experience for all age groups. 

The retreat will also offer complementary therapies and holistic long weekends providing customers with the opportunity to experience meditation, spiritual awakening, vegan/raw cooking, and detox techniques. 

Courses for disadvantaged children and their families 

Ty Enfys Eco-Retreat will run courses to teach young people, schools, communities, visitors and customers about living in harmony with nature, including: eco-friendly building courses, naturopathic nutrition, foraging and herbalism courses, natural cooking courses, natural remedies and beauty products classes, children nature camps, and horticulture and permaculture courses.

Our Volunteering Community

 We will also be providing opportunities for adults to volunteer on the project on a regular basis on our straw bale building, our permaculture garden and in all other projects that we run.

Stay in the know.

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