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Kids Jumping into the Lake

NaturAlly KIDS

A sustainable world for future generations

NaturAlly KIDS is a project aimed at educating foster children (our future generations) and families about the environment, permaculture, trees and plants, foraging, healthy eating and cooking. 


We are seeking funding to set up our NaturAlly KIDS project as part of Tŷ Enfys Eco-Retreat in partnership with the Roots Foundation Wales (a charity supporting foster children in Wales), and Cae Tan (a community supported agriculture organisation based on the Gower Peninsula).

Vegetable Picking

Our Mission

NaturAlly KIDS brings global sustainable life solutions through educating foster children and families.

We aim to do this by using permaculture ethics and principles:

  • Care the Earth

  • Care the People

  • Fair Share

Pony Love

NaturAlly KIDS

What is our project all about?

Most people don’t know the details about how our food is farmed today, or the difference between monoculture, our modern agriculture vs permaculture farming, or about the different chemical essences of these two different farm produce available. Most people live in the city and have a very limited relationship or knowledge concerning the nature and life cycle that our food comes from. 

This is a shame, because it's really important as well as fun and interesting to learn about it. It should logically be identified that organic biological humans, should better understand the organic biological food that is here for us.

More and more each day the distance between humans and nature grows, and there is a valid need for us to employ many re-tethering mechanisms in our human-culture that bring us back to nature. 

Permaculture itself has become a movement, geared at putting both the responsibility and the benefits of farming food for the family, back on the family, or at least a few families within the immediate community.

Making children aware of the ecological benefits of planting trees, fruit, vegetables, and flowers will give them extra pride in their own planting and a good grounding on how they can protect and preserve the environment through caring for existing plants and planting new ones. In particular, we will be aiming to plant a tree for every visiting child, so that they will have a direct link to nature and a point of reference on our site – the tree could also be their friend and confidant. 

Youth Organization 2

What are the benefits a child gets from planting a tree?

Our Philosophy

  • As a child grows, so does their tree. This connection between the child and their tree leads to increased environmental awareness and care.

  • Planting a tree is often a child’s first act of volunteering for their community

  • Tree planting gives children ‘a sense of belonging’. When they’re planting a tree or a shrub, the child is literally putting down roots in their community.

  • Psychological research shows a correlation between childhood contact with nature and better mental health

  • Planting a tree empowers children into realising that they can make a personal difference for wildlife, our soil and the environment.

  • When a child’s tree grows, it also increases its beneficial contribution to wildlife, our soil and the environment. The tree can also provide shade.

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