About Us

Our Story

Ty Enfys Eco-Retreat was established in 2017 by Federico and Darren as a means of creating a sustainable settlement and a more engaged community based on practicing permaculture, renewable energy, and environmentally-friendly activities. We’re a foster family and a local enterprise that works towards bringing the community of Swansea together. We work hard to create a healthy and sustainable permaculture garden that everyone can benefit from. Ty Enfys Eco-Retreat is continuing to grow at an incredible rate, and we love seeing the changes in both our garden and community with each passing day.

Meet Our Family



Owner and Father

One of the Co-Founders, Federico - better known as Fed - is a qualified Nutrition Consultant and a Reflexologist. He has worked for many  years in the care field, managing charities and services for disadvantaged people as well as campaigns for equality, environmental issues and sustainability.



Owner and Father

One of the Co-Founders, Darren is originally from the Welsh Valleys and has worked for most of his life for Panasonic Manufacturing UK. He is a very organised Administrative Consultant and a keen DIY and interior design enthusiast.



Jack Russell daddy

Benji is an amazing Jack Russell - the first pet we had in our family and his favourite pastime is to survey his kingdom and meet and greet guests - especially other dogs!



Jack Russell mommy

Sammie is definitely the lady of the house! She is slightly aloof and likes to do her own thing until you get the ball ready - then she is not interested in anything else, but the ball!!! She also likes a good swim and she is a rather scratchy dog - she has always been allergic to a lot of things, so do not feed her even if she begs!!



Jack Russell "the pup"

Mylo is the pup of the house - he is by no means the youngest, but he thinks he is and as such he wants all the attention going and gets very jealous!! He looks cute, but he is the yappiest and will also growl if he is thinks you're getting too close for his liking! But he will most definitely ask you to constantly rub his tummy once he get to know you!



Family Parrot

Lucy is the latest addition to our family. She likes to eat plants, porridge, pasta, seeds and nuts. She likes to play, dance and fly. She's pretty and very small, but can be quite nippy at times. She can say "hello", "who's a pretty boy?" and "what you doing?".